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The VS17 Panel is used to identify friendly forces personnel and equipment from either the air or ground to ground. The panel can be attached to vehicles, rucksacks, hand-held or laid-out on the ground to provide visual identification. The large and small VS17 Panel Marker comes equipped with tie down loops and the medium comes with tactical toggle fasteners for attachment to the required equipment. The VS17 Panel is high-visibility fluorescent orange on one side and high-visibility cerise on the other. The VS17 Panel comes in large, medium and small. The large has 8 loops for attachment and is approximately L70”x W20”. The medium was designed for standalone use and to attach to the 30L Pack Cover with 6 attachment points. The VS17 Panel has 6 tactical toggle fasteners that insert into 6 loop attachment points on the Pack Cover and is approximately L31”x W10”. The small has 4 loops for attachment and is approximately L24”x W24”. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

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