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Designed primarily for First Responders, the PRO version is equipped to bridge the time gap between injury and arrival of advanced medical providers. Paired with a tourniquet, the PRO kit allows for treatment of the most common life threatening traumatic injuries with a minimal amount of training. *Proof of medical authorization required for purchase due to restricted medical contents*

Trauma Gloves (Rolled 1x Pair)
Trauma Gloves (1x Pair)

Bear Claw Ultimate Nitrile gloves are made of 100% Nitrile material (NO LATEX). Design includes textured fingertips to help with fine motor skills, beaded cuffs for quick and easy donning and a thickened palm for durability and reliability. The pair of gloves are rolled/ folded and wrapped with a paper “napkin ring” that makes the form factor of the gloves better for some kit configurations.

Quikclot Combat Gauze Law Enforcement
Quikclot Combat Gauze LE (1x)

QuikClot Combat Gauze LE in the black package is a hemostatic dressing designed for Law Enforcement and First Responders at the local, state and federal levels. It comes in a black package and the dressing is 1” wide x 4 yards long. *This item is restricted for sale by medical authorization only*

Emergency Trauma Dressing 6 inch
Emergency Trauma Dressing 6” (1x)

Large compression bandage with a 6”x9” pad and 65” long compression wrap. The device is intuitive and simple to use for trained and untrained responders. NOT SUITED for the Micro TKN or other compact BFG kits due to its size. Ideal for full size IFAK applications. Widely referred to as the “Israeli Bandage” or “Izzy”..

Hypothermia Blanket - Green / Silver
Hypothermia Blanket (Green / Silver) (1x)

Mylar hypothermia blanket. Green on one side, silver on the other. Packaged individually in a zip lock baggie, 52”x82” (30 sq ft) unfolded, 2 oz weight, 4.5”x3”x0.5” packaged.Flat Fold Tape

Flat Fold Tape (1x)

Flat fold duct tape. Good for medical and other uses. Inexpensive. 2” wide by 100” long. Folded into 2”x6”x0.2” configuration.

Compressed Gauze
Compressed Gauze (1x)

Sterile crinkle cotton fluff bandage roll. 6 ply. 4.5” x 4.1 yards stretched. Smallest gauze option offered by BFG. Package dimensions 3”x2”x1”.

Trauma Shears
Trauma Shears (1x)

Black exterior stainless steel trauma shear made by Magnum Medical, Inc. 7.25” length. Excellent choice for Military and LE customers.

Full Size Chest Seal
Full Size Chest Seal (1x)

Rescue sets the standard for the prevention, management and treatment of an open and/or tension pneumothorax potentially caused by a penetrating chest trauma. Two seals, each individually packaged, are designed to allow the user to apply a seal to both an entry or an exit wound while also giving the option to only apply one and store the other until needed as the situation requires. This innovative design provides 3-vented channels designed to prevent airflow into the chest cavity during inhalation while allowing air to escape through the vent channels during exhalation. Each chest seal is 6” x 6”. NSN: 6510-01-642-6212

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